Uptick Policy | Suspension Announcement

We are very pleased to have a batch of wonderful, high-quality NFT works on the Uptick platform. We welcome and will give support to all original creators. However, we strictly prohibit all kinds of illegal publication of works, and have the right to deal with this at our discretion.

In our daily operation and maintenance, we found that two creators maliciously violated regulations and released a series of works under the official identity of Uptick.

We immediately suspended the following two accounts, and all of the 479 NFT works published by these two accounts:

Username:Pixel Art
Wallet address:iaa14e9a6wmthfj80688jr8vpkwqhqwdkhnd8qthw2

Username:Bored Ape
Wallet address:iaa1uf7r9uyzs4cgxjkvwyxlrtpxsx5xc3dcsv8kwf

Uptick official account

If you want to buy Uptick official NFT works, please pay attention to the certification mark and address: iaa1utsw7gm82s5wecmvthjg5p58r6dmf7s8s0ls0z

How to submit a complaint?

If you happen to find fake, plagiarized, or other illegal works on the platform, we urge you to submit a complaint so we can deal with the issue appropriately. We will act on all legitimate complaints.

You can find the complaint entry on the upper right of the details page. We will review the description and supporting materials submitted by the users, and deal with the relevant NFT assets after we have investigated and verified the matter. We welcome everyone to help us regulate the NFT market together, respect copyright, and protect original works.

Uptick app is the world’s first decentralized full-featured mobile NFT app, based on the commercial-grade NFT infrastructure of Uptick Network. It safely and conveniently manages users’ digital NFT assets, supports the independent issuance, purchase, transfer, resale, and cross-chain transfer and interoperability of users’ NFT assets, focusing on the pan-entertainment and life service industry, forming a new creative economy for the Web 3.0 era.

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A decentralized multi-chain NFT ecosystem

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Uptick Network

Uptick Network

A decentralized multi-chain NFT ecosystem

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