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3 min readNov 19, 2021

Uptick Network and IRISnet recently co-launched an Original Works Creation Contest. We welcome talented original creators of various styles to find a home with Uptick and maintain high-quality works together on the platform.

This is a guide to ensure you are familiar with the rules of the contest, and we hope it can help you better understand and participate.

Step 1 | Publish your original works on Uptick

You can freely choose to create and submit NFTs in each of the categories within the Uptick app (Art/Collectibles/Photo/Video)

Unleash your creativity with this contest. There are no boundaries, and unlimited themes to explore.

As a bonus, if your entry has an ‘Uptick’ or ‘IRISnet’ theme, you will also get the chance to win some additional rewards!

Download the Uptick App

Step 2 | Share your original works

In order to qualify, you must share your NFT entries on Twitter with the hashtag #UptickContest, and tag @UptickProject & @IRISnetwork

You can also briefly introduce your work, and invite your fans to show their support on the content posted.

Please note, if you submit multiple works, you should tweet separately for each one in order for all of them to qualify.

Contest Submission Example

Step 3 | Invite fans to show support on the content posted

Due to the fact that the awards will be ranked by the number of likes a Tweet receives, the aim is to accumulate as many ‘likes’ as possible. You can share your Tweet link to the Uptick Telegram (@uptickproject) and invite the community members to like your submissions, or invite your Twitter friends to help you retweet and share the content.

Step 4 | Complete the form

The final step is to submit the Google form which helps to provide the relevant information:

1. Your Uptick username: This is your username inside the Uptick app, which you can find in your personal profile.

2. Your NFT title: The name of your NFT

3. Your NFT category: Which category of NFT you submitted

4. Is your NFT related to Uptick or IRISnet? Truthful answers only please! :-)

5. Twitter URL of your NFT: The link of your Twitter post:

6. IRIS wallet address, which can be found inside the Uptick app. Please note that your IRIS wallet address must be correct, as this will affect whether you can receive your IRIS rewards.

Uptick app is the world’s first decentralized full-featured mobile NFT app, based on the commercial-grade NFT infrastructure of the Uptick Network. Safely and conveniently managing users’ digital NFT assets, and supporting the independent issuance, purchase, transfer, resale, and cross-chain transfer and interoperability of users’ NFT assets centred around the pan-entertainment and life service industry, forming a new creative economy for the Web 3.0 era.

Download the Uptick app

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