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2021 can be considered as the first year of the NFT and the Metaverse. NFTs are talked about by more and more people, even they don’t know what the blockchain technology behind it is. In this era where everything can be NFT, many traditional artists are also eager to try. Because Digital art works are naturally compatible with NFT, and NFTs are always connected to money gains. Various art forms can be presented through NFT, digital art, etc. , so as to realize the multiple values of artists.

The collision of traditional art and crypto art

There are many differences between traditional art and crypto art in their own forms. Compared with traditional art, crypto art has advantages that cannot be ignored, which impacts traditional art to a certain extent.

(1) Openness and transparency of information

Traditional art often requires collectors to spend time to check the authenticity of the artwork and transaction information. However, due to the characteristics of crypto art, all the information can be checked on-chain, including the creator, purchase and sale records etc. They are all completely open and transparent, both the buyer and user can clearly understand all the information about the artwork.

(2) Lower costs

Traditional artworks need to be bought, sold and stored at a certain cost, while crypto art only need to be exhibited and traded on the chain, which reduces high transportation costs, storage costs and maintenance costs compared with traditional artworks.

(3) Better exposure and liquidity

Traditional artwork trading models are in low exposure due to time and geography limits, but crypto art can be viewed at any time on the trading platform, which not only achieve higher exposure and wider clientele, but also improve the circulation of works.

(4) Clear ownership of works

After a traditional artwork is purchased, it can be copied into fakes and continue to be traded in the secondary market. It’s difficult to distinguish between authenticity. Crypto arts are traded through the blockchain indicate the source of NFT and all transactions, which identify the ownership of the work clearly.

Uptick project provides a featured platform for NFT creation

Uptick app is the world’s first decentralized full-featured mobile NFT app, based on the commercial-grade NFT infrastructure of the Uptick Network. Safely and conveniently managing users’ digital NFT assets, and supporting the independent issuance, purchase, transfer, resale, and cross-chain transfer and interoperability of users’ NFT assets centred around the pan-entertainment and life service industry, forming a new creative economy for the Web 3.0 era.

Why our NFT marketplace is special

(1) Easy to step into the NFT world

We allow users to create and sell their own NFT works, whether you are a professional designer or amateur user, you have access to create and publish.

(2) Featured functions with simple operation

Uptick is a native app for mobile phones, and users can complete all the operations needed on the go. Because of its simple creation process, users only need to prepare the NFT works, select the appropriate category, add a description of the work , and then your NFT works have been minted.

Minting Guide:

(3) First two mints are free

Generally, users need to pay handling and gas fee to create and list NFTs. As a benefit to new users, the costs of the first two NFTs are paid for by the Uptick team.

(4) Advanced profit sharing model

Whenever the work is sold, the original creator of that work is entitled to a share of the profits. Compared with the “one-time sale” of traditional artworks, NFT ensures the creator’s right to get continuous income.

(5) Freely transfer assets cross-chain

Compared with other NFT platforms, Uptick provides multi-chain support. We support NFT cross-chain transfer function, giving our users the ability to freely transfer their NFT assets created in Uptick on the IRISnet, to the BSC, Polygon, Ethereum, and EVM (Ethereum technology-based public-chain) based chain.

Call for Uptick & IRISnet original works creation contest

Uptick Network welcome talented original creators of various styles to participate, publish and share your original works on Uptick for the chance to share 40,000 IRIS.

For more details, please click here

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A decentralized multi-chain NFT ecosystem

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Uptick Network

Uptick Network

A decentralized multi-chain NFT ecosystem

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