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3 min readOct 21, 2021


New Account Creation

Input Unique username and password

After the account is created, you must back up your wallet, export and save to an offline place. Both internet transmission and screenshot storage are at risk.

Account Verification

Click “Me”-“Profile” , and fill in the e-mail . You can complete verification through e-mail.

You can upload a profile photo, customise your personal homepage background image, and add descriptions to improve the personalized display of your homepage.

After the first verification, you can create up to 2 NFTs for free, with (5 max issued per NFT) each time. We give every new user an opportunity to experience the application, so please use this opportunity for free creation.

NFT Creation

(1) Enter the “Me” — “Create” page, click the “Create” button in the upper right corner, select the corresponding categories, add pattern, and enter the namE description, tag and other information related to the image.

Note: A maximum of 5 tags can be entered, and only one tag can be entered at a time. Click the tag to delete it.

(2) Enter the amount, and choose charging method (free/charge):

If you choose “free”, you can directly agree to th copyright notice and submit.

If you choose “charge”, then you will need to enter the price, and you can freely set whether to limit the number of purchases, or maximum purchase amount (this refers to the purchase limit under one buyer account) — agree to the copyright notice and submit.


After your first 2 free mints, you must then have enough IRIS to cover the minting/gas fee when creating.

Mint fee:charged by the Uptick platform

Gas:charged by the IRISnet chain

(2) In your creations list, you can see its details.

Transfer: transfer to others or to oneself

Sales records: sale details (buyer/amount/purchase time etc.)

Sales Statistics: Record NFT sold/resold/transferred/stock/likes/views/total income.

[Start Sale] NFT can only be viewed and purchased by others after you click “Start Sale”.

You also can modify sales price, whether to limit the purchase/purchase quantity. This operation will also cost IRIS fee. After starting, the sale can not be transferred, if transferred, you must click ”end sale”.

(setting and start sale)

Uptick app is the world’s first decentralized full-featured mobile NFT app, based on the commercial-grade NFT infrastructure of Uptick Network. It safely and conveniently manages users’ digital NFT assets, supports the independent issuance, purchase, transfer, resale, and cross-chain transfer and interoperability of users’ NFT assets, focusing on the pan-entertainment and life service industry, forming a new creative economy for the Web 3.0 era.

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