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3 min readJul 3, 2023

Gas refers to the amount of computing work required to perform a specific operation on the blockchain network, and each transaction on the chain requires computing resources to execute. Therefore, when you conduct on-chain transactions on the Uptick Chain, you need to pay a certain amount of $UPTICK in order to initiate the transaction.

For newcomers, the faucet is very important. It gives users small amounts of tokens that can be used as gas to complete transactions, ensuring that they do not run out and can complete their transactions without any issues.

Currently, newcomers can obtain $UPTICK tokens via the following two faucets:

What is the Uptick Chain Marketplace Faucet?

This is a free faucet for the Uptick Chain Mainnet. Simply complete verification, post a tweet and then receive $UPTICK tokens in a matter of seconds. These tokens are enough to perform several on-chain operations in Uptick Network.

How to use the faucet?

If you are a new user of the Uptick Chain Marketplace and lack $UPTICK, you can now navigate to the faucet at the top right of the page, or again at the bottom of the page (when minting a collection/NFT).

Alternatively, you can directly access the faucet here

Step 1 | Verify Twitter Account

Login to the Uptick Chain Marketplace. Your Uptick address will be automatically displayed for you. You can then proceed to verify your account by connecting to Twitter.

Step 2 | Complete Captcha

Follow the on-screen instructions and pass the captcha.

Step 3 | Send Tweet

Please help us spread the word about Uptick, every retweet is important.

Please note:

· The faucet is only for new users who have zero UPTICK token.

· Only available throughout the Genesis phase (with limited availabilty)

· You can also get UPTICK in mobile app (Android is available, while iOS is still under review)

Stakely Faucet

What is the Stakely Crypto Faucet?

The Stakely Crypto Faucet provides a solution to the problem of running out of gas when completing transactions on a blockchain network. This is a reliable and widely used faucet. In the Cosmos Ecosystem, many projects such as Cosmos, IRISnet, OmniFlix, Osmosis, Juno, etc, have used Stakely’s faucet service.

How to use the Stakely faucet?

This is similar to the faucet in the Uptick Chain Marketplace.


Step 1 | Input Uptick Address

Input your Uptick address (starting with uptick…..) and complete Captcha.

Step 2 | Send Tweet

Post a tweet as required and submit your tweet URL.

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