Game of Uptick Testnet | Optimized Submission Process

In early November, we launched the Game of Uptick. The goal is to increase the validator nodes and marketplace community participation by putting up bounties relating to particular testnet tasks.

In the past month, several proposals have passed, and we have received some excellent and encouraging results.

However, while implementing we found that the whole process seemed a little unclear. We now want to walk you through the entire process further and explain it in detail so the community can submit their tasks with ease.

In this post, please introduce yourself and outline your task/plan and talk about how you intend to execute it.

The formatting of your post title should be as follows:

Task Proposal Discussion | *Title of Task*

Introductory content could include, but is not limited to:

· What is the task category you’re submitting for?

· In a few sentences, can you describe what it is you’re building?

· Why do you feel this will provide value to the network?

· What experience do you have with what you’re building?

· At what level of completion is the product you’re submitting? (e.g barebones prototype, or complete and fully functioning product. etc)

· What is the timeframe in which you envision this to be completed?

Please provide as much information as possible in order to allow a more informed discussion following the forum post.

During the 72 hours after creating your forum post, community members may raise potential issues and make suggestions. Discussion of this kind allows for the community to be more informed when the time comes to vote on your task proposal.

This will also strengthen your official proposal once submitted, ensuring there are no underlying issues that perhaps you may have missed.

In this proposal, you can include all of the relevant details, including the estimated time it will take to complete the task. However, if you’ve already completed your task, please provide a link to the finished product.

After your proposal has been submitted, all validators will have 48 hours to vote and decide whether your proposal will pass. This is why it is very important to have a sufficient discussion with the community beforehand, which should help you gain more votes.

Please complete the task in your proposal within the specified timeframe; we will evaluate it according to the results you submit and provide a corresponding reward-based delegation.

How to create a forum post on Discord?

We have created a ‘Forum Discussion’ area in Uptick Network’s Discord Server, and there are two channels available relating to the two major categories of this event:

· Testnet
· Marketplace

How to create a governance proposal?

As the governance module is based on Cosmos-SDK, the way to file a proposal is the same as described in the Cosmos documentation.

Here is the link for your reference.

Please use the same method to file your proposal on Uptick Network.

Uptick Network aims to build commercial-grade NFT infrastructure and NFT ecosystems with multi-chain and cross-chain interoperability. There are three major elements of Uptick Network — Uptick NFT infrastructure, Uptick NFT marketplace, and Uptick NFT ecosystem applications.

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